what happens in a session?

The session is your confidential space to talk about your issues.

By working together, we can explore your inner process in relation to the different life issues you face. This can involve looking at your feelings, sensations and attitudes as you express them in your body and your patterned thoughts or stories about yourself.

We look at how you can bring a little more curiosity and warmth to yourself and interrupt some of the more critical judgements we so often make of ourselves. 

We will look at how you can better resource yourself to be with stressful and overwhelming situations. You are the expert on you, and I will be accompanying you on your journey of discovery. You will be finding how you want to meet the world in new ways that work for you.

I will support you in gaining new insight into your problems. This will allow you greater freedom and creativity in how you see yourself and others.

It is important to select the right therapist for you. We would, therefore, meet for an initial session, which is free of charge and then you take a few days to reflect on whether you feel we could work together.

After this we would meet, usually weekly, for an hour at a time agreed by both of us. After six weeks you decide if you want to make a further commitment. The length of therapy is different for different people dependent on what you want from it.